Bimbache openART 2021: PREGUNTAS

ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS OPEN! In our 2021 edition, we have to comply with Covid control regulations. In order to attend, please register HERE:

¡REGISTRATE YA!: Para atender a los eventos, las vigentes reglas de contról de Covid-19 requieren la registración previa aquí:

· Las actividades se realizarán en espacios abiertos.
· El formato del circuito será de carácter reducido (aforo limitado, pre-registración).
· A través de la pre-registración se obtendrá información de contacto de asistentes.
· El festival dispondrá de gel hidroalcohólico en todas las actividades.
· Será obligatorio el uso de mascarilla durante las actividades del circuito.
· Distribución de espacios para cumplir normativas de distanciamiento (según contexto del momento).

*El festival se reserva el derecho de posibles adaptaciones de formato, localizaciones, inclusive cancelación del mismo, con el fin de adaptarse a las restricciones del momento de su realización. Para cualquier duda o sugerencia, por favor ponerse en contacto a través de la pestaña ‘Contact’ de esta web.

BIMBACHE openART 2020 online Video Festival

In 2020, our interdisciplinary activities have had limited public access due to restrictions related to the Corona virus pandemic. As in so many previous years, we have accepted this as a creative challenge and decided to move our activities into the breathtaking nature of El Hierro World Biosphere Reserve, something we’ve long hoped to someday be able to do.

In order to share as much of the joy and the special moments we have had the privilege to experience together this year, we have video taped many of them and asked the artists to edit them. All through the end of the year, we will be sharing these clips on our facebook page (click on the facebook icon in the sidebar to the right) and our new youtube channel – if you like, please subscribe. The BIMBACHE openART 2020 online Video Festival is open, join us, share in the experience, and ENJOY!

feat. Kike Perdomo, Beljana Metje & Bim


The 16th annual BIMBACHE openART Festival 2020 will consist of an ongoing series of laboratories and events throughout the coming months. On August 1, the series starts with two weeks of CONVIVENCIA ARTÍSTICA EN CLAUSURA featuring some of our core participants in past editions of our annual lab festivals such as

Torsten de Winkel
Kike Perdomo
Luisa Machado
Alberto “Naranja” Méndez
Ismailah Thiam
and, at now 95 years of age, our dear María Mérida,

in virtual and, wherever possible, live interdisciplinary encounters with our present casArte resident artists, among them

Belja Namoari & Giovannina Sequeira (contemporary dance)
Andrea Sunder-Plassmann (digital and analog art)
Mireia Tramunt (painting)
Alexis W (photography)

and others.

We will share with all of you as much as may be possible of the processes, labors and performances developing here during that time as well as our round table talks on various subjects, including
What post-Corona world do we wish to help create?
15 years of Bimbache opeART labs on art and sustainability: a tight rope walk between mutually exclusive goals?
– Peaceful and inclusive resolution of conflicts – judging vs. accepting modes
– Traditions & avantgarde: from Buddhism to Neurobiology
– El Hierro as individual and collective therapy: developing new frames of reference
Please check our Bimbache openART fb page and the fb page of Jaleo Press for details and updates.

On Wednesday, August 5 at 18:00 h local time, Tomás Luis Pérez of Jaleo Press will broadcast 2 hours of live interviews from Plaza Tigaday in Frontera, guests will include María Mérida.

During the week from August 6 to 13, we will collectively shoot several music & dance videos at emblematic spots of the island of El Hierro, among them the Roque de Bonanza, Mirador de La Peña, Garoé, Guinea, and others. Clips will be excerpted and published weekly from November 1 on.

During October and into November, we will enjoy concurrent visits by Tommy Height (Canada), David Ballesteros (Spain), Ohara Hale (USA), Samuel Lööf (Sweden), Nick Catton (GB) and other artists from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

NOTE: If you are a neighbor or in the neighborhood, we will frequently post schedules of little performances in our casArte open-air front areas facing the street so that all of you may enjoy some of what’s going on artistically this year from the safety of your house or car. If you’re not, you will continually find new clips on our pages as specified above. Enjoy!

Transcultural Exchange & Bimbache openART

NEWS: We have accepted an invitation to participate in, an international network and project which links artists throughout the world and invites them to submit art works to share with all of us. Enjoy with us this gesture of goodwill and solidarity from our colleagues around the globe. 

On June 20, 11 am – 12 pm New York / 17 – 18 h Central Europe, we will participate in the online launch party on’s facebook page.

Bimbache openART 2020

Due to the ongoing CoViD-19 crisis, our preparations for the 2020 Bimbache openART Festival are on hold until further notice.

Meanwhile, we invite you to enjoy ‘LA SIEMBRA’, a joint video production and meditation on the present extraordinary condition with more than 60 artists living across the Canarian archipelago, a crossroads between continents and cultures for centuries. “We don’t want back what has now collapsed. It’s springtime – time to sow the seeds of a new era”:

BIMBACHE openART presents

For the second half of 2019, the year of our 15th anniversary, we convoke the all-new LABORATORIOS ARTISTICOS ‘ISLA CON ALMA’,
an open call to meet and work with us and our visiting artists in labs and residencies, accompanied by frequent multi-disciplinary events, concerts and presentations between August and December of this year.

Schedule of Special Events

August 2 – 6, 10 – 22 h in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Film, Literature and Music Space
with visiting artists María Jesús Alvarado, María Mérida and others

August 7 – 30 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Art & Film Space
with visiting artists Andrea Sunder-Plassmann, Sigrun Torinus and others

September 4 & 5 from 10 – 18 h in Estudios Manzana @ Music Zone La Laguna (TF)
Traditions in Revision Lab
with visiting artists T L Mazumdar, Alberto “Naranja” Méndez, and others

September 6 at 21:30 h in El Pinar, Plaza Matías Padrón
Inclusive multi-disciplinary performance
with the images of Alexis W and Juan Meliá, the poetry of Carmen González, the music of Fabiola Socas, T L Mazumdar, Torsten de Winkel, Kike Perdomo and much more,
special guest: María Mérida (Premio Canarias 2001)

September 7 – November 7 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Art Space
with visiting artist Kathleen Hennemann and others

November 4 – 11 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Art Space
with visiting artist Mireia Tramunt and others

November 8 – 12 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Jazz & Fusion Space
Berklee & beyond with Torsten de Winkel and others

November 13 – 16 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Canarias Folklore & Fusion Space
with visiting artist Fabiola Socas and others

November 14 – December 14 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Painting, Scuplture, Literature & Composition Space
with visiting artists Eva Batt, Christiane Schwarze, Jens Reichert and others

November 20 – 23 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Electronic & Hybrid Music Space
with visiting artist Ida Susal and others

We will continue to update you on all activities on these pages.

Artists residencies, workshops, laboratories and open interdisciplinary spaces will be ongoing and available through December 2019.

OPEN CALL: To join our visiting artists, sign up at

Celebrating 15 years of BIMBACHE openART

Volunteer events:27 abr 20:00 h BIMBACHE openART 15.0 – INAUGURACIÓNCIT, Frontera, El Hierrow/ Yaiza Afonso…

Gepostet von Bimbache open ART am Dienstag, 9. April 2019

:: Conciertos :: Exposiciones :: Artistas en Residencia :: Espacios Abiertos ::
:: Concerts :: Exhibitions :: Artists in Residence :: Open Spaces ::

Recomendado por el Centro UNESCO de Canarias • GREENPEACE • Cradle to Cradle

27 abr  20:00 h  BIMBACHE openART 15.0 – INAUGURACIÓN
CIT, Frontera, El Hierro
w/ Yaiza Afonso Higuera, Juan Pedro Sabina, Maren Krüger, Joni Fleitas, Ehedey Sosa & special guests

28 apr  21:00 h  BIMBACHE JAZZ   722°, Lajares, Fuerteventura
Kike Perdomo – Torsten de Winkel New York Jazz Quartet
w/ special guests from 3 continents

29 apr  WORLD DANCE DAY CLINICS   El Sitio, Frontera, El Hierro
Homenaje a Pina Bausch • Tango con Dardo Cabrera
30 apr  INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY CLINICS   CasArte, Los Llanillos, El Hierro
Workshop: Jazz Drumming New York Style – Tobias Backhaus (Berlin)
21:00 h Casa Miranda, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
Encuentro musical con Amit Mishra, Nuria Herrera & “Momo” Juan Vidal

Convivencia intercultural e inclusiva con laboratorios, talleres, espacios abiertos, proyecciones, actuaciones interdisciplinares, yoga

2 may  11:00 h  Centro Ezeró para personas con discapacidad
Taller musical inclusivo con Ismailah Thiam

 may  21:30 h  Plaza Tigaday, Frontera
LA VIDA ES UN SOPLO – Canarias Vocal Summit
w/ María Mérida • Maalem Abdeslam Alikane • Kike Perdomo • Tobias Backhaus • Ismailah Thiam • Achraf El Idrissi • Julito González • Luisa Machado & Alberto “Naranja” Méndez • Claudia Álamo • Tahiche Díaz & Paula Quintana • Alexis W & others
Artistic direction: Torsten de Winkel

4 may  13:00 h!  
BIMBACHE JAZZ GLOBAL – IMAZIGHEN   Plaza de España, Los Llanos, La Palma
Gnawa, Jazz & more w/ Kino Ashraf El Idrissi • Kike Perdomo • Amit Mishra • Torsten de Winkel • Julito González • Tobias Backhaus • Luisa Machado • Alberto “Naranja” Méndez

5 may  GLOBAL RHYTHM MASTERS   Fábrica La Isleta, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Encounters between the continents w/ Amit Mishra (Mumbai, IND), Maalem Abdeslam Alikane (Essaouira, MAR), Tobias Backhaus (Berlin, GER) & others
Masterclasses 16:00 – 19:00
Concert 21:00 followed by open jam session

6 may  19:00 h  GLOBAL RHYTHM MASTERS: AMIT MISHRA   Estudio Hnos. Thioune, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Masterclass Voice & Rhythm of India  w/ Amit Mishra (Mumbai, IND)
Paseo Chil 313

11 may  20:00 h  SPACEPILOT feat. Leo Genovese   afip, Offenbach (DE)
Improvisations across the sonic universe with New York iconoclasts Elias Meister (g, fx), Joe Hertenstein (dr), Leo Genovese (p, electronics) & Torsten de Winkel (g, e-sitar)

2 jun  15:00 h  BIMBACHE FESTIVAL ENSEMBLE feat. Volkan Baydar
Planten un Blomen, Hamburg (DE)

Events        Tradición <-> Vanguardia: CARAVANA “ISLA CON ALMA”
apr – sep     w/ Tagoror, introduction to Indian traditions, yoga & sustainability

6 sep  21:30 h  Plaza Matías Padrón, El Pinar

w/ María Mérida • Fabiola Socas • TL Mazumdar • Kike Perdomo • Ismailah Thiam •  Luisa Machado & Alberto “Naranja” Méndez • Sergio Díaz • Carmen González • Alexis W & others
Artistic direction: Torsten de Winkel

OPEN CALL for artists and anyone interested in contributing:
Quiero participar • I would like to participate

14° BIMBACHE openART Festival El Hierro

:: Conciertos :: Exposiciones :: Artistas en Residencia :: Espacios Abiertos ::
:: Concerts :: Exhibitions :: Artists in Residence :: Open Spaces ::

Recomendado por el Centro UNESCO de Canarias • GREENPEACE • Cradle to Cradle

1-15 ago/aug Artist Residencies, Academia Global, Talleres & Open Spaces
1-7 ago/aug Laboratory and Work Phase, casArte Los Llanillos
4 ago/aug Concierto ‘Grandes voces de Canarias’, Punta Grande
María Mérida • Luisa Machado • Ismailah Thiam & others
6 ago/aug Concierto ‘Bimbache Jazz Global’, Punta Grande
Kike Perdomo • Torsten de Winkel • Alberto ‘Naranja’ Méndez • Sergio Díaz & others
8 ago/aug Gran Concierto Jazz & Raíces, Frontera, Plaza Benito Padrón
– Canarias Vocal Summit / LOS TRES GRANDES / BIMBACHE JAZZ GLOBAL – Gnawa & más
Kino Ashraf El Idrissi • Fabiola Socas • T L Mazumdar • Mike Narada • Khaly Thioune • Ismailah Thiam • Malle Sarr • Leiko Krahe • Olivia Pehme • Mark Peters
María Mérida • Kike Perdomo • Luisa Machado • Alberto ‘Naranja’ Méndez • Sergio Díaz • Alexis W • Torsten de Winkel
& others (t. b. c.)
7-15 ago/aug   Tradición <-> Vanguardia: Caravana “Isla con alma”
w/ Tagoror, introduction to Indian traditions, yoga & sustainability

OPEN CALL for artists and anyone interested in contributing:
Quiero participar • I would like to participate

13° BIMBACHE openART Lab & Convivencia

13° BIMBACHE openART Lab
El Hierro, 1 jul – 5 aug 2017

Open Spaces for intercultural experiences at CasArte and other locations
in El Hierro UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve

Concurrent with the LXIX Bajada de la Virgen de los Reyes
Enjoy the convivencia of artists and art aficionados from around the world
while experiencing El Hierro’s cultural identity as represented by its oldest traditions
and more than a month of events throughout the islands

LXIX BAJADA 2017 Cartel