BIMBACHE openART 2020 online Video Festival

In 2020, our interdisciplinary activities have had limited public access due to restrictions related to the Corona virus pandemic. As in so many previous years, we have accepted this as a creative challenge and decided to move our activities into the breathtaking nature of El Hierro World Biosphere Reserve, something we’ve long hoped to someday be able to do.

In order to share as much of the joy and the special moments we have had the privilege to experience together this year, we have video taped many of them and asked the artists to edit them. All through the end of the year, we will be sharing these clips on our facebook page (click on the facebook icon in the sidebar to the right) and our new youtube channel – if you like, please subscribe. The BIMBACHE openART 2020 online Video Festival is open, join us, share in the experience, and ENJOY!

feat. Kike Perdomo, Beljana Metje & Bim

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