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For the second half of 2019, the year of our 15th anniversary, we convoke the all-new LABORATORIOS ARTISTICOS ‘ISLA CON ALMA’,
an open call to meet and work with us and our visiting artists in labs and residencies, accompanied by frequent multi-disciplinary events, concerts and presentations between August and December of this year.

Schedule of Special Events

August 2 – 6, 10 – 22 h in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Film, Literature and Music Space
with visiting artists María Jesús Alvarado, María Mérida and others

August 7 – 30 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Art & Film Space
with visiting artists Andrea Sunder-Plassmann, Sigrun Torinus and others

September 4 & 5 from 10 – 18 h in Estudios Manzana @ Music Zone La Laguna (TF)
Traditions in Revision Lab
with visiting artists T L Mazumdar, Alberto “Naranja” Méndez, and others

September 6 at 21:30 h in El Pinar, Plaza Matías Padrón
Inclusive multi-disciplinary performance
with the images of Alexis W and Juan Meliá, the poetry of Carmen González, the music of Fabiola Socas, T L Mazumdar, Torsten de Winkel, Kike Perdomo and much more,
special guest: María Mérida (Premio Canarias 2001)

September 7 – November 7 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Art Space
with visiting artist Kathleen Hennemann and others

November 4 – 11 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Art Space
with visiting artist Mireia Tramunt and others

November 8 – 12 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Jazz & Fusion Space
Berklee & beyond with Torsten de Winkel and others

November 13 – 16 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Canarias Folklore & Fusion Space
with visiting artist Fabiola Socas and others

November 14 – December 14 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Painting, Scuplture, Literature & Composition Space
with visiting artists Eva Batt, Christiane Schwarze, Jens Reichert and others

November 20 – 23 in CasArte, Los Llanillos
Electronic & Hybrid Music Space
with visiting artist Ida Susal and others

We will continue to update you on all activities on these pages.

Artists residencies, workshops, laboratories and open interdisciplinary spaces will be ongoing and available through December 2019.

OPEN CALL: To join our visiting artists, sign up at

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