Bimbache openART Festival 2024 Showcase: 8 AUG 21:30

BIMBACHE openART is coming back to Frontera / El Hierro this summer, with the final and showcase concert to take place on August 8th!

Featured guest artists will include
 Maïna Sourang  voice & guitar – Senegal
Obdulia Bustos  flamenco tap dance & foot perc – Andalusia
 Viover  voice & cuatro – Venezuela
Angélica  voice & tambor – El Hierro
 Frantz Kerby Mathieu  poetry & voice – Haiti
T L Mazumdar  piano & voice – India
 Alberto Joao  voice & guitar – Guinea Bissau
This listing will be continually updated as additional artists are confirmed.

The Gran Concierto Bimbache ¡JAZZ & RAICES!, the Festivalito’s main public event presenting the results of the intense labors of the preceding work-and-process week, will open at 21:30 in the Plaza Benito Padrón, made possible by and boasting the participation of many of the project’s most committed supporters – the artists who in almost 20 years have passed the Bimbache openART seal all around the globe.

Ismailah  Gran Canaria / Senegal – Finalist, Got Talent Spain
 Kike Perdomo  Tenerife
Luisa Machado & Alberto “Naranja” Mendez  Tenerife
 Ohara Hale  Canada
Alexis W
  El Hierro
 Torsten de Winkel, artistic director

We will focus on various themes, including
• El Hierro & Canarias: traditions <-> vanguard,
• the music of our neighbor region Senegal,
and of course lots of jazz and improvisation, dance and visual art, working on the same focus themes.


And last not least, we will celebrate this year’s 15th anniversary reissue of Bimbache Jazz y Raíces – La Condición Humana, our treasured and critically acclaimed project CD, and welcome some of the original artists back on stage with us.



NOTE: this post will be continually updated as details are confirmed.

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