“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller


WHY     we have a dream – the dream of a WE

by Sabine Willmann

We know… it is an eternal work-in-progress. A living and sustainable open process. The vision of a WE in peace and harmony; in freedom, in diversity. A world that is a safe place for our children, for future generations. A healing mankind on a healing planet – we dream that all humanity is one family. We are all one!
We believe in music and in art as a core means of expression.
As a language of the heart we all understand.
That music and art unites mankind all over the planet, regardless of the ethnic background, traditions or culture people come from.
We know that through music and art we can transcend languages, overcome frontiers and understand other cultures, just as we understand our own.

WHO     responsible visionaries

We are people, women and men, unbound by culture, religion, race or politics. We believe that change is possible when based in the power of community, in remembering who we are, respecting our roots and traditions. We create low-judgment-zones where all can meet as equals, reach for the new and yet unknown and create communities. We trust in the development of new practical and contemporary visions. And we know that if we want to create a peaceful world we have to start with ourselves.

WHERE     El Hierro, sustainable island – where magic and reality touch

We have chosen the pure nature and the culture of the island of El Hierro as a base for the BIMBACHE openART project because it is here where we feel the power of the mother earth, the wind, the water and the sun – a power that is both strong and demanding. This wild Canary Island has been UNESCO world biosphere reserve since the year 2000 and will become one of the first islands in the world fueled by 100% renewable electricity in 2012. It’s a good and magical place to take a deep breath, to stop running, to let go, to do nothing, to feel free and safe, to be timeless, to contemplate, to meditate, to create, to come together for this sustainable open process.

WHAT     a laboratory of human sustainability

We offer you the opportunity to join our laboratory of human sustainability, to become a member of the Bimbache family of El Hierro and around the world. Participate and work with us to develop and teach new ways of cultural understanding for each other on this planet. Let us protect the freedom of creativity and find tools for a sustainable life together.
Let us awaken and live a new consciousness of CARING FOR OUR PLANET which is the one and only home to all human beings regardless of where they were born.
Once a year we create a festival together in El Hierro. Artists from different places come, live and work together with people from the island. Our purpose is to connect professionals, community-based artists, students and regular people in a live-and-learn experience so as to investigate sustainable possibilities of music and arts as a vehicle for social activism and civic engagement.
The annual BIMBACHE openART summer laboratory and global academy offers open spaces, interdisciplinary round tables (tagoror), workshops and courses designed not only to improve technical skills but also to increase our understanding of the human being. Our intention is to illuminate various ways in which artists and others can define and support their own course of creative activism and shape their own personal strategies for progressive social change.

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