BIMBACHE openART Days @ European Green Capital 2011

BIMBACHE openART Days @ Hamburg,
European Green Capital 2011 –
25-30 May 2011
with barner16, María Mérida, Torsten de Winkel, Kike Perdomo & global ensemble

27 May Kulturforum Kiel, special guests: Suba Sankaran & Dylan Bell
28 May Elbjazz Festival, Blohm & Voss Gelände Spitzenbühne
30 May Instituto Cervantes / Día de Canarias

25/26 May Stiftung Alsterdorf & barner16 inclusive network for differently abled artists present
The Living Music Box (25) and Turiazz (26) with special guests Maria Merida & Torsten de Winkel

16 April Berlin, Equilibrismus – interdisziplinäres Symposium


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