“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something,  build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” —R. Buckminster Fuller

“We are living through one of the most fundamental shifts in history – a change in the actual belief structure of Western society. No economic, political, or military power can compare with the power of a change of mind. By deliberately changing their images of reality, people are changing the world.” —Willis Harman

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(17) Kasper Søeborg
Tue, 21 August 2012 19:18:03 +0100

Tura tura...... can't get it out of my head.....!

(16) Malo Padron Foto
Fri, 17 August 2012 19:03:36 +0100

Un placer estar detrás del objetivo! Me alegro mucho de haber ESTADO...Gracias por todo!

(15) David Minguillón
Fri, 17 August 2012 10:35:39 +0100

saludos¡¡ me da mucha pena no estar ahi este año... mucha suerte desde aqui a todos¡¡

(14) Marcia
Thu, 16 August 2012 00:43:17 +0100
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Grüß Gott! Hier mal ein kleiner Zwischenstopp um mit einem I like it zu sagen das mir deine Homepage zugesagt hat :-) Eventuell besuchst du auch mal meine bei Gelegenheit?
*Wink Wink* Bis unter Umständen bald !

(13) Alka Singh
Wed, 25 July 2012 16:51:31 +0100

tolles programm, mann

(12) Gerald
Wed, 27 June 2012 07:34:25 +0100
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Amazing Webpage, Thank You! Keep up the great work.

(11) Bryce
Fri, 24 February 2012 11:53:04 +0100
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Wonderful Site, Thanks! Keep up the great work. Thank You! Danke! Machen Sie weiter so, klasse Seite.

(10) Markus Mutter
Wed, 19 October 2011 08:40:19 +0100

Ich danke Euch 1000 mal für die geniale Bimbache CD, ich hör sie mir gerade an und freu mich auf Freitag weil ich wirklich fasziniert bin!!

(9) sabine
Wed, 7 September 2011 17:15:31 +0100
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hola y hi! do we write in english or spanish or in the language of love...
anyhow, can hardly believe that our "child" Bimbache openART is 7 years old already!
so, my dear friends:
would you like to support us seven years more and help us grow?
besos desde Barcelona

(8) Ricardo Varela
Wed, 7 September 2011 13:11:11 +0100

Una experiencia inolvidable desde lo musical, desde la gestión cultural y desde lo humano. Éste festival, único en el mundo, combina diversidad cultural, músicas tradicionales y música universal, sostenibilidad y desarrollo humano, turismo cultural sostenible, naturaleza virgen, sostenibilidad ambiental... buena práctica de gestión cultural y cooperación cultural internacional.

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